Sunday, July 02, 2006

White Lightning

You all know by now that I take a particular attitude to drugs. You know that I think that cannabis should be legal, and that heroin should be treated as a medical rather than a criminal problem. Different drugs have their different purposes, and most of them are the by-products of nature in any case. The idea that we should spend our time legislating against what grows from the earth seems to me to be the height of insanity.

But there’s one other drug that I want to talk about: alcohol.


Anonymous said...

Or banned altogether.
Have you ever tried it?
I know someone who drinks it.
He drinks it because it's cheap and he drinks it at home, alone.
An alcoholic on a low income with a depression problem. No wonder.
A brilliant artist.
Memory really bad...but then, mine's probably no better!
A lot of drugs do that.

John M. said...

Available at a corner shop near you now, because it's taxable. Ain't the drug laws grand?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i have drank lightning since the 50% free came out. cant remember when. not far off brain dead now. i lost my wife and kids because i lost the fact of who i was and time never existed after 2nd bottle each day. ban it or sell it at a high price like spirits and wine. i loved my draw (smoke) but this took over my life and i think even a 21 age limit wont work. my liver is beyond repair now. forget white cider as quick fix. death fix it should be renamed

Anonymous said...

I have tried this stuff before. I didn't mind the taste. I did drink it a bit too fast though. Even though I didn't vomit or none of that embarassin stuff occured. It did however make me become a trouble maker and it got me lifted by the cops and i earned myself a criminal record because of it. Made me a completely different person it can't be controlled once it takes over.

6thrash6antics6 said...

Yes i've been looking to find the mystery ingredients in white lightening and cheap ciders myself, im a student and i wont even touch the stuff. Tesco own orchard mill i feel atleast a little safe with. But god knows whats in white lightening?!

Anonymous said...

i've been watching the father of my kids kill himself drinking this (paint stripper) for over a decade now.i know when he's been on it,he resembles a zombie with dead eyes.very scary.even more scary is the fact that the average hardened low income alcy is blessed with the opportunity to feed their addiction via a mind mushing cocktail of undisclosed chemicals at bargain basement prices.cmon "white lightening" manufacturers-give us an ingredient list or is the problem that if this was done then white cider would be found in the hardware shop next to the meths?

todbear said...

It is the funeral of a friend of mine on Monday 10th March 2008, he was 47. The availability of this strong booze was his downfall, he drank White lighting and thought nothing of it.
He did masses of voluntary work in the local community.
We cant afford to lose people to this cheap poison.
He was getting married to his partner this summer, there was no sign that he was ill, she ended up arranging a funeral, when she had been planning their wedding.
We have a campaign going now to try to get these cheap adulterated drinks banned.