Sunday, July 02, 2006

Off The Shelf

In The Spiritual Super Market.

I had this dream once. The whole of the human race was marching up the hill towards enlightenment. I was there too, elbow-to-elbow, amid the general throng. There was a sense of elation and bustling expectation.

Then, as we were nearing the top I began to notice all these little scenes.

Two people were sitting in the dust by the path comparing hands and feet.

“Look,” one of them was saying, with child-like wonder, “we have fingers. And toes.”

And they giggled.


abigail said...

Only need to learn to be human... That sounds good, relatively easy compared with becoming divine, spiriual beings. But that brings you back to the question "What does it mean to be human?" How cynical do you want the answer to be? Or shall we try to rise above that cynicism and use words such as love, sharing, compassion, empathy..? l don't know, ask me when l'm enlightened.

Good to see you writing again by the way Chris.

Best wishes

CJ Stone said...

I think I meant that since we are spiritual beings having a human experience, learning how to be fully human is part of that process. And, yes, I do think that compassion and empathy, and laughter and friendship, and small acts of kindness all come into this. "Love" is a very portentous word for the accumulation of small things.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess, in the beginning it was all a mystery, without a map, then you have a look around at all this 'stuff'; 'spiritual' and otherwise,( a scan of what's going on to broaden your horizons), then return to yourself, as you originally were, only a little or a lot wiser with much more to learn before the last breath.
Trying not to be too cynical and negative and staying open to your hearts' and heads journey.
Although I did hear say that cynicism is enlightenment.
Too much just makes one a sad ole' git.
Sometimes it's perfection to sit in the dappled shade with the dog you love; breeze blowing through the trees, wanting to be nowhere else; wanting to be no one else.
Enlightenment... Pure bliss.
' Far from the Madding Crowd'
Simple soul, me, sometimes.
Maddy (and Mouse).

Anonymous said...

I remember that dream too