Sunday, November 09, 2008

Columns IV: Welcome to the Future

These days we seem to be under the quaint illusion that the progress of civilisation is the same as technological innovation.

Every day there are hundreds of new products on the market; from mobile phones that take your picture, to palm-top computers the size of cigarette packets; from cars without pistons, to video streaming; from vacuum cleaners without dust bags, to "Blue Tooth" technology that allows you to use your computer in any location. All of this is seen as "progressive", as if the accumulation of more and more gadgets was really the measure of human worth.

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oligon_vlamenos said...

It is funny how all this technological awe is thought to be progress, while we, the people of this planet, suffer the consequenses of war (physical or other) due to the tendency of "leaders" to impose their principles on different societies. The latter seems to me as the law of the jungle that has remained unchanged throughout the ages. Don't you think?