Sunday, February 24, 2008


I was listening to L. Ron Hubbard on tape with a friend of mine. L. Ron Hubbard (in case you don't know) was the Science Fiction writer turned spiritual guru who founded the Church of Scientology. My friend is an ex-member of the Church. He was guffawing all the way through. "I used to take this so seriously," he said.

The basic theory of the Church is that we are all re-incarnations of extra-terrestrial beings called Thetans. Members of the Church pay vast amounts of money to rise through the ranks. They start at OT-1, and progress upwards. "OT" stands for Operating Thetan.

On the tape Ron (as he's affectionately known) is sitting by the Ocean talking intimately to his followers. You can hear the lapping waves and the mournful cries of seagulls in the background. The tape was made sometime in the early '60s. He has a very warm, soothing voice, and he's chuckling to himself in a self-satisfied, nonchalant manner.

He was telling us about a near-death brush with some vast Truth.
He referred to the Truth as The Wall of Fire. So awe-inspiring, so terrible, is this Truth that the mere mention of it would make you sick. Many people in history who have approached this Truth have died. Ron is the first man ever to have come through the ordeal. He did it so that others would be able to follow him. This Truth is only accessible to OT-3 levels. To reach OT-3 costs many thousands of pounds.

Then my friend told me what this "Truth" actually consists of. It concerns the origins of sexual perversion on this planet. Apparently it came from a Thetan dictator called Xemu several billion years ago. He ran a confederation of 75 planets, and brought certain of his subjects to Earth, where he tied them to a mountain and dropped nuclear bombs on them. He was experimenting on them, by implanting them with sexual perversion.

My friend said: "So Ron was right. It would make you sick. It would make you sick to have paid all that money just to hear such a load of old codswallop."


Anonymous said...

I'd urge anyone remotely interested to read this:

Hubbard's own son called him (and I paraphrase) "The single most successful con artist in US history after Ronald Reagan".

Scientology is huge in the US and has many high profile believers such as John Travolta.

I'm inclined to say that anyone who is stupid enough to believe such twaddle deserves to be ripped off.

Compared to the rubbish David Icke comes out with though, Hubbard seems almost credible.

Chandira said...

Ooh, careful, you might get sued.. Put an 'allegedly' in there somewhere.. ;-)

Yeah, I think Ron was taking bets. Will there be any suckers out there that will believe? Apparently.

Did you know, the top level is apparently "Excalibur", and worth $25,000,000? I shit you not. I wonder what truth that buys you. It better be more fun that your own Boeing 707. Poor John. I dunno, John Travolta always looks like he's in on some big Cosmic Secret though, doesn't he? I hope it's worth the laugh.

Chandira said...

PS, Anon, I agree with the David Icke statement.. For sure.