Saturday, February 03, 2007

In Memorium: Tim Sebastion

CJ Stone’s Britain

Guardian Weekend Travel

20th September 1997

Regency Stoned

Every city should have a Kaiser Bill to keep the dope-smokers off the streets. The other drug on offer is scrumpy

There’s probably not a lot I can tell you about Bath that you don’t already know. There are dozens of books on the city, and it’s one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country.

Deservedly so. It’s an elegant, ornate, civilised city, well planned, well proportioned, well built, a perfect example of the art of 18th century architectural design. Bath is a city built for people to live in, the way cities ought to be, full of trees and surrounded by wooded hills.

What makes my take on the city somewhat different is the fact that I’m being shown round it by an Archdruid....


Bard of Ely said...

I can easily picture all that! Chris, you've done it again - a brilliant painting in words of a Britain I know and have seen!

CJ Stone said...

Bard of Ely wrote:
I'd not seen that Bath story before but a brilliant description! In some ways it reminded me of the day before
Xmas Eve morning when having fallen out of a bunk bed at Marco's - an aging eccentric musician friend of Tim's (and friend of Robin Williamson)who insisted on pochin drinking at around 2 in the morning - and I was wandering around amongst the happy xmas shoppers with 1 of Arthur's not so happy fairie queens who had found out she wasnt the only one in his life and left for Stonehenge to chase after him. I cant remember her name now but she went on and on about Arthur and I completely gave up on all lustfull thoughts due to this and the pochin. I went for breakfast with her at some expensive cafe and
remeber the following eve I had to play at the Porter Butt - a gig
that I seem to remember Tim lost money on and a band from Cardiff
featuring my ex drummer Aled also played! After all that I ended up
playing Rising Sun round Tims at about 3 in the morning by request and he was saying that how I sang it was just how it should be sung! All of that after a presolstice gig in Cardiff with Arthur who was with Carrie and Peggy at the time! A serious bender and I wouldnt attempt such things now! lol