Sunday, September 17, 2006

Meet Paradox

Time and Telepathy and the Galactic Big Issue.

Here in the dusty industrial heartland of London’s East End something extraordinary is happening. They’re instituting a revolution. But not a revolution with guns: a revolution with consciousness. A revolution in time.

Meet Paradox, Galactic Federation Agent and Earth Wizard, the man leading the Time and Telepathy workshop.

He wasn’t always a Galactic Federation Agent, of course, and he wasn’t always called Paradox. He used to sell the Big Issue. And before that he was an Advertising Executive earning seventy grand a year. He had it all by the time he was 34: a house, a family, a high-powered job; £10 million worth of clients, two offices, and thirty staff under him. Used to drive an Alpha Romeo. The slickest suits. Cool and in control. And he gave all this up to live in a park and sell the Big Issue.

Crazy? Well yes. Crazy and beautiful. Crazy like a poet or an artist.

It was like this. He was becoming disillusioned with the nine to five and the drudgery of time. Maybe he had everything he had always wanted, but he was still unfulfilled. He started to question it. And then he heard Bill Hicks say that if you’re in advertising you should kill yourself. He took two weeks off work, and that’s when it happened. One day he woke up and there was just this sense of perfect grace in the room - in the sunlight, in the air - this presence close by him, and there was a shiver of ecstasy like the breath of a summer breeze on all his senses, this telepathic tickle (as he describes it now) as if the Earth was a goddess and she was making love with him, and he knew that THIS was what he wanted, not THAT: that there was more to life than just work and money.

He had thirteen of these epiphanies in the space of two weeks. Thirteen laughing erotic orgasmic encounters with the goddess. Yes!

Later he went to live in Battersea Park, and to sell the Big Issue. His wife left him. (Who can blame her for that? She’d married a man earning £70,000 a year, and now here he was saying he wasn’t interested in money.) But this was his life now: living in a park beneath the trees, hearing the sweet stirrings of nature all around, the dappled sun peeking through the leaves. That first morning he woke up singing “Oh what a beautiful morning!” It was the best thing he ever did.

And that was the beginning of his performance career too, selling the Big Issue. He says, “if you ever want to be a performer, sell the Big Issue.” There he was, on Victoria Street, talking to anyone and everyone, giving this high-energy, rocket-fuel performance, brandishing the magazine like a sword or a poem. And that’s what he felt like then, a warrior poet: a warrior poet embracing the Earth. Living life by luck and by grace, as a gift from the Universe. He once sold 20 copies in 25 minutes. Is this a record?

So now he was writing poetry as well, shot-from-the-hip-hop performance poetry - dancing, delicious, radiating poetry with the syncopated rhythm of the street - taking it to the open mike night at the Foundry on Old Street, rapping out his close encounters with the goddess in an ecstatic tumble of words. Now THIS was life. A creative life. A life like we all ought to live.

It was July 2003 when he made his assignation with Time, was decoded (as he says) and learned what it was really all about: when he first read Dr. Jose Arguelles’ books and learned what he was really on Earth to do.

And now, here he is, in a steamy warehouse on an industrial estate near Puddle Lane in the East End of London, on a hot August afternoon: decoding the Universe as an Accelerated-Conscious-Evolution-Through-Telepathy trainer, with a bunch of crazy seekers for the truth, where this writer met him, only for the second time.

This writer was more than an hour early, of course, such is his imperfect grasp of the Laws of Time and Telepathy. And then he went for breakfast, and was half-an-hour late getting back. It takes a befuddled brain of near genius to be both early and late for the same meeting.

So that’s the revolution that Paradox and his friends are promoting: a revolution in the measurement of time, informed by the work of Dr. Jose Arguelles: a creative people’s campaign to institute calendar reform, from the old, twelve month irregular calendar of 28, 29, 30 and 31 days, to a new 13 month, 28 day calendar, with one day left over. The Day Out of Time - July 25th of every year. The New Year begins on July 26th, when the star-sun Sirius-B rises in conjunction with the sky.

In the old system, anyone can tell you that the date is Sunday, September 17th, 2006, say. But what does this mean? Do you know what day of the week October 17th will be? Or what day of the week August 17th was? Or what day September 17th 1953 was? Or What day September 17th 2012 will be?

In the new calendar every month starts on a Monday, and every month is four weeks long, which means the 17th of the month is always Wednesday. Every month is a moon (which is where the word “month” originally comes from).

If we were to institute a new measurement of distance, say, would we make our calibrations of different lengths, so that one metre was divided into 97 centimetres, while another was divided into 103? Or: one foot contains 11 inches, while another contains 9 and a 1/4? That’s exactly what our calendar system does.

The word “calendar” comes from the Latin “kalendarium” meaning “account book”. The kalends was the first day of each Roman month, when the interest from loans was due. In other words, the old calendar represents a measurement of Time as Money. The new calendar represents Time as Art.

The year from July 26th 2004 was declared “the year of the great calendar change”. The Day Out of Time is now an official holiday in over 70 Brazilian cities, including Sao Paulo, the 2nd largest city of the world.

The “telepathy” part of the process comes from living to an ordered, accelerated rhythm according to the natural cycles of the Moon.

As we were meant to live. In harmony with the Earth, not in contention with her.


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wookierecords said...

I'm inclined to say that this man has suffered what used to be called "a nervous breakdown".

Jose Arguelles is a first class nutter along the lines of David Icke or Eric Von Daniken.

These people are charlatans and purveyors of penny dreadfuls for the gullible.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, as wookierecords says you've suffered a nervous breakdown, only he's too blind to see you've gone from mad to sane.

sarephim said...


you have obviously never seen Paradox perform... the man is a visionary genius...