Saturday, August 12, 2006


In case you haven't noticed, we seem to be on the verge of World War Three right now.

I heard an Israeli spokesman on the radio the other day. He said: “Iran are causing war and havoc throughout the Middle East.”


I guess those must be Iranian jets flying over the Lebanon at the moment, turning buildings to apple crumble, attacking red cross ambulances and UN peace keepers and killing all those mothers and children cowering in basements. Telling people to move out of south Lebanon and then targeting them in their vehicles. Invading a sovereign nation, pounding the hills with heavy gun fire and attacking densely populated civilian areas. I must have mistaken the flag.

Of course, as we are constantly reminded, Israel has the right to defend itself. True. But not only is the current action way beyond defensive, it begins to look fairly certain that it was premeditated.

It is common to say that Hizbollah started this war when it abducted two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid, but, if you wind back the tape a little, you begin to see another picture emerging.

Prior to that Israel were pounding the life out of Gaza, starting with its power plant, a form of collective punishment and a recognised war crime under the Geneva Conventions.

Prior to that Hamas had abducted one Israeli soldier.

Prior to that (though this was barely noticed) the Israelis had abducted a Palestinian doctor and his brother from their home. Abduction of civilians is also a war crime.

Prior to that the Israelis had fired on a Palestinian family sunning themselves on a beach in Gaza.

And prior to that Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President, had almost persuaded Hamas to accept a deal in which it effectively recognised the state of Israel‘s right to exist. Or, to put it another way, by murdering several members of a Palestinian family on a beach the Israelis had deliberately scuppered any chance of a peace agreement.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the deputy leader of al-Qaeda, was on record at the time urging the Palestinian people to reject the proposals which were to be put to them in the form of a referendum.

In other words, Israel have done al-Qaeda’s work for them.

As to who is behind this war, it may well be true that Iran are arming and supporting Hizbollah, but we all know who is arming and supporting Israel.

Condoleezza Rice says we are watching the birth-pangs of a new Middle East. Since when did you induce a birth by smearing the mother with blood and pounding her with heavy artillery?

What sort of a monstrous baby do the Americans have in mind exactly?



Anonymous said...

It is pathetic that you seek to find a cause and effect in events that happen in this terrible war zone. Lets for ONE moment try to forget which event is the PRIME mover and look at the waring parties by their actions as statements. Radical Islam's stated goal is to have a Caliphate rule the world. Those who subjugate themselves to Islam (the loyal followers) can never live under government of anyone elses law. This means they must subjgate (read as start a war with) every nation that is NOT ruled by Shria (Islamic Law). Islamic Radicals, kill men women and children for terroris and find pride in having their children blow themselves up. Islam values women as "property." ON THE OTHER HAND: Israel, has dropped leaflets warning the enemy of attack so that CIVLILIANS they could leave (but they do not because TERROIST Islamics use Children And Women as "SHIELDS." When these people are killed the Islmics use their dead bodies as "advtisements of Israeli cruelty" as you have done in your little speech. Israeli's could have used nuclear weapons to silence the rain of missles on Israel, they have not. Israel is a democracy where ARABS (Islamics) have been citizens since its founding! In Islamic states Israeli's would be slaughtered like pigs. There is a HUGE difference between FREE democracies and dictatorial Theocracies. If you really are in such great support of the latter, perhaps you would like to try living there and SEE HOW LONG YOU WILL REALLY LIVE! The Ten Thousand Days you expect in a free society will very likely be greatly fore shortened.

Anonymous said...

congratulations chris, you seem to have been targeted by one of the army of volunteer propagandists for the Israeli government who have been given the software to trawl all blogs for any criticism of Israel.

Well good luck to them, that's their right, and they're doing us a favour cos we can see what a bunch of rabid arseholes they really are.

This one thinks that the fact that Israel has not nuked south Lebanon is proof of its humanitarian and civilised nature. What can you say? How generous! How civilised! Thank you for not nukeing us, I suppose we should be grateful for the cluster bombs.

got to stop this -- two comments in three days is too much, must get a life

CJ Stone said...

Hi Dave, yeah, and it feels like a privilege that the Israeli state would want to pay any attention to little old me on this obscure little blog. It shows they must be desperate. Meanwhile there's a certain link at the end, which I hope Israeli activists will follow, to True Torah Jews Against Zionism, that makes it clear that Zionism is a sin against Judaism, and is itself anti-Semitic.