Sunday, March 06, 2005



Apologies, apologies, apologies.

CJ has blown a gasket.

He has lost his direction.

His big end has gone.

He no longer knows what this is for.

He has stopped smoking.

He stopped smoking on Monday 21st of February 2005, at around 3.30 pm. He stopped smoking, then went to a friend's funeral. Her name was Viv. She died of a smoking related illness. CJ sat amongst the mourners, having decided not to smoke, and watched evryone smoke. That's when he realised that the world was utterley insane.

This is the most addictive drug on the planet. It is the most harmful drug on the planet. It kills more people on the planet than any other drug. But if the Afghans, say, want to ban it, they aren't allowed, because this would be against Free Trade. If the Columbians, say, want to ban it, they are not allowed, because this would be against Free Trade.

When the Columbians want to sell us their Cocaine, however...

When the Afghans want to sell us their Heroin, however...

I think you get the point.

I will no longer be writing this blog.

I have been feeling too distracted.

Keep in contact, though.

You can contact me through my website via the "my complete profile" bit, and in a week or two, once the withdrawals have softened enough to allow me to think, I will revive this blog, under a new name.

It will be about the psychology of smoking.

The most powerfully addictive drug on the planet, bar none.


Allowed to sixteen year olds.


Chandira said...

Way to go Chris.

I ended up at at party at the weekend with a lit cigarette in my hand. After 10+ years of not smoking. I had no excuse, I didn't even have a nicotene craving. It was more a mental craving, addiction to the idea of smoking. It represents something, an act of rebellion, against parents, etc, from when I was about 11 or 12. That's how far I've grown up.

Don't get all preachy on us now, will you... ;-)

DJCabbaged said...

Oh Chris, I don't see how giving up smoking, which thousands of people in the UK do every year, should stop you writing your blog? Are you looking for an excuse not to write any more? Here's a message; COME ON MAAN! SORT IT OUT! LOve, your good friend who you don't see anymore, Paul
PS I can talk!

Anonymous said...

There must be tons of statistics, numbers, regarding smoking you can use in your blog. Hateful, adictive drug that it is.