Sunday, February 06, 2005

Day Twenty-five: "The spirits of wood and stone and water."

Day Twenty-five.

I took LSD, on and off, for a number of years after that. I learned how to cope with it. Sometimes it was an ecstatic experience, sometimes less so. I was always searching for something, some meaning in my life. I guess I thought acid might help me to find it. The earlier hippies had told us that acid was going to change the world. By the mid-seventies this had become holy writ. Acid was the sacrament that would bring on the New Age. It was a new evolutionary step. And - young and naive as we were - some of us believed it.


nine said...

A. Huxlys essay "The Doors of Perception" from which J. Morrison named his band , is a good old log of the tripping mind eh.

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

I did acid quite a lot during my teen years. When my trip ended late the next mroning and I finally got to sleep, I usually slept restlessly for 4 or 5 hours and then awoke feeling absolutely terrible. I still lived with my parents and had to avoid them for fear of them detecting that something was off kilter with me.

I never got back to normal until I'd eaten something greasy. Eggs & bacon or pizza usually. My stomach would accept them grudgingly, and I would sit reading or watching TV without a thought in my mind until I slept again. It usually took two or three days to become completely normal again.

If I ever did.

I got bored with it at 21 or 22. I just felt restless and trapped by it, much like you did. I realized that I had to be the driving force in my life, not chemical exploration. Whe I started doing acid at 17 it was a miraculous joy. At the end it was just a depressing waste of me.

Chandira said...

Believe it or not Chris, I've never done Acid..

Remember Malcolm that used to come into the library once in a while? He came in one time, and said to me "Chandira, are you thinking of doing acid?" I said somewhat guiltily that I had been considering trying it. And how the *** did HE know?? He said "Don't try it love, it wouldn't do you any good" and walked out again.
he came back in 20 mins later, and I asked him how he knew that I'd been thinking about it. He SWORE he didn't remember that conversaitn, and was a mile up the road, at home, 20 minutes before..

I guess I don't need the f**ing stuff.. lol

I've read a bunch of Stanislav Gorff, Leary, RAW etc.. I'm a believer, but I jsut don't think it's what it was back then, and I really think it needs to be taken as a Sacrement, you're right about that.
Taking it with Arthur, bless him, and then watching telly, is not the best thing to do... Jesus Chris, you asked for that one.. lol

Next time, if there is a next time, make it sacred. Be alone, peaceful, set yourself up for a good one.

CJ Stone said...

Chandira, already decided not to take it again. There's a time and a place for everything.

As for Malcolm, yes of course I remember him. Who could forget?

Next time I'll stick to mushrooms. More Earthy. More fun.